BioWatt Exhibiting at the EBEC Conference


BioWatt Exhibiting at the EBEC conference

BioWatt will be exhibiting at the forthcoming EBEC conference (NextGen) at Stoneleigh conference centre on the 9th and 10th of October.

Staff will be on hand to answer you biogas project related questions.

If you are looking for engineering, development and/or funding support for your project then please come and see us.  We’re currently working on more than 30MW of agriculturally and waste based AD projects – with Europe’s largest and best funded Biogas owner/ operator – GmbH who are already working with more than 700 farmers on biogas projects in Europe.

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STOP PRESS: BioWatt announces another major Contract

Enclosed composting facility

BioWatt to design and build enclosed composting facility for Wakefield Council, supporting the Shanks Group in a £750 million PFI contract.

BioWatt Engineering, specialists in the design and build of organic treatment facilities, has
secured a significant contract with the Shanks Waste Management Limited to create an
enclosed composting facility which will process green waste as part of a £750 million PFI
contract awarded by Wakefield Council. The facility, due to be completed during 2015 will have the capacity to handle 25,000 tonnes a year of green waste from the council’s collections and household waste recycling sites, to produce a range of composted products for beneficial use.

For more information about BioWatt, visit our website (HERE) – otherwise, feel free to read on…

BioWatt CEO, James Lloyd said:

“We are immensely proud to be working alongside Shanks Group and their selected contractors to deliver this landmark project. This gives BioWatt the opportunity to demonstrate our environmental engineering capabilities with what is a uniquely designed plant and process.”

“The contract represents an important milestone for BioWatt Engineering as our first design and build contract, just four months after the company’s its formal incorporation. This will cement our position as a leading supplier of complex integrated engineering projects in the AD and composting sector. We are confident that the next few months will be equally rewarding as a number of projects are nearing the latter stages of development.”

This contract follows swiftly from a framework agreement BioWatt announced in December to provide S.a.r.l., Europe’s largest biogas developer, with an immediate presence in the UK, investment and acquisition opportunities, and to represent the companies’ interests in the important and rapidly growing anaerobic digestion and biogas fields. The deal is projected to bring £500m of inward investment to the UK biogas/ renewables sector over the next five years.

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Is composting dead?

HotRot Composters

HotRot Composters

Based on the take up of our two most recent press releases, Biogas has 10 times the interest that composting does!

BioWatt has recently announced two key partnerships, essential to our rapid growth and establishment as the UK’s leading provider of technical and funding solutions to organics and agricultural industries!

The first, with Agri.Capital, to develop 50MW of biogas plants; and the second with HotRot, a leading global brand of In-Vessel Composter to take over the business development, design and delivery of HotRot plants in the UK!

What becomes apparent is that the interest has all been surrounding the entrance of such a major international player in the Biogas market but this may be in part to the forgotten efforts of the composting industries and that it’s just not got the appeal to grab the headlines it once had!

HotRot has more than 22 installations dotted around the globe, that’s about a third of the total number of AD plants in the UK currently!  Meanwhile farmers and other composters in the UK currently account for some 6 million tonnes of the organics diverted from landfill while I can’t say whether or not AD has even reached a million (excluding wastewater AD)!

And moving forward, the composting industry will continue to offer amazingly novel solutions such as composting disposal nappies, screenings from sewer wastes, carpets, oil contaminated soils – the list goes on!

The truth is that while biogas represents a truly massive opportunity to deliver a key component of our renewable power/ fuel mix and rightfully gets huge publicity focus composting still represents the more robust, simple and often effective biological process – giving it a real advantage over AD in dealing with cellulose based materials, heavily contaminated streams and even the ability to remediate organic materials.  Hence why BioWatt is investing heavily in both and for quite different reasons.

Composting may not be sexy any more but dismiss it at your peril – there is a real danger that inappropriate regulation, forgotten policies and too much focus on AD driven decision making could see a spanner thrown into the works of what is arguably the UK’s organics processing engine room.  Just imagine if all the composting sites closed on the Easter Bank Holiday… what WOULD you do without them?

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Is it time for a BIOGAS hierarchy?

Biowatt logo_FINALIf like me you have grown up in the waste management and environment industries then the notion of a hierarchy of preference driving policy, regulation and funding in ensuring that the best environmental option is taken is not a new one.

However, the much vaunted Biogas sector seems rudderless in this respect.  Another new report, post the national grid 50% of gas could be bio one, states that biogas could reduce total haulage vehicle emissions in the UK by two thirds:

HGV Emissions story

And from our vantage point as developers we’re dealing with clients who wish to deploy this hugely valuable, storable, transportable renewable product for a wide variety of beneficial uses such as drying, chilling, fuel cell technology, space heating, water heating, growing, etc.

The problem is that as wonderful and unique a resource as biogas is, it is constrained by a number of limiting factors such as space, location, feedstock, policy, regulation, funding etc and so even in the wildest dreams of developers like myself we can’t be a major contributor to the power, vehicle fuel AND gas grid.  But (and I know location and project specifics will often shape the answer) what SHOULD we be focussing on IF we can choose any of the product uses? Where is the unified theory that is focussing policy?

Looking again at Germany they came up with a simple idea – reward better those plants which are more efficient – band them.

And so I think a simple hierarchy similar to the reduce, reuse, recycle, recover hierarchy in waste, allied with rewards that are greater the higher up the hierarchy one goes is very much overdue! (the only reference to anything similar is a consultation document relating to Best Available Technology for the PPC regs in Scotland!)

It would help developers focus on more financially and environmentally beneficial business models.

It would deter a plethora of small, electric only, gas engine AD plants popping up cheaply everywhere – and get the best bang for each tonne of our constrained feedstock

It would help Councils, planners and regulators make decisions

… and would be a clear statement of intent, that would avoid diverting much needed financial incentives away from good and into poorer AD schemes!

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Great New News for the UK BIOGAS market

This week was a great one for BioWatt but in truth even greater for the UK biogas industry.  After working with for more than 6 months, BioWatt is pleased to announce that we like what each other does and how we do it enough to have signed a Framework Agreement for the development of 50MW of biogas over the next 5 years.

So, why is that such good news for the UK biogas industry?  In simple terms, we’ve been waiting for a credible, sizeable developer to come into the market – not just to develop a real critical mass of projects and lend credibility to claims this is a growth sector; but it gives early developers and other early investors who have taken big risks path-finding this new green industry the possibility of realising return on investment through exit to long term investors such as GmbH.

And for those projects just starting off,  finally represents a LONG TERM investment and development partner as an alternative to the short termism that is currently pervasive in funding options for the industry.  By partnering with BioWatt, projects are further boosted by having a development partner able to fund pre-construction development costs (often overlooked and hard to estimate) with its highly experienced and capable team and wider network of specialist partners.

For BioWatt this is the first in a number of corner stones on which the company is basing its ambitions to be the major driving force of the UK organics industry over the next 10 years!

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We’re Finally Here!

It’s taken a while and those of you who know me well know that I quite often I talk openly about what we’re doing and ideas and thoughts for new business and then nothing for quite some time.  Well, we finally did it and with some trusted colleagues BioWatt is finally here.

It’s taken rather a long time and considerably longer than I thought.  It’s not what I thought it would be when I set out and not entirely with the same people I though it’d be with.

It’s bigger, it’s better funded and we’ve achieved some things I’m surprised we’ve pulled off and now it’s here it’ll almost certainly be even more work than delivering on the journey so far.

And here it is – the BioWatt Group bringing together two business plans under the one brand new company.  Don’t expect too much of the website as we’re still finalising various licenses and agreements which we hope to be able to bring further news about in the very near future.

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